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Emerge in the wonderful world of fairy tales’ creation and narration with the “SvooryTales” game! This unique concept is formed like a book and consists of 3 pages that correspond to the 3-act story telling structure: Setup, Confrontation and Resolution. Many magnetic tokens are included in the package, to be randomly selected and placed on these 3 pages. Based on the depicted elements different kinds of plots and stories with countless alternative versions can be created! The story possibilities are infinite!

Ideal for 3+ ages, it is a perfect tool for parents, educators, counsellors, and therapists.

Highly original, made of safe materials with a contemporary twist, this game contains 8 place, 16 character and 32 object magnetic tokens, safely stored inside cotton pouches. An erasable marker is also included, so to write and draw on the pages all the imagined names, features, and traits.

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