Welcome to the Knox & Floyd

Knox and Floyd Imports is a Melbourne based company importing and wholesaling traditional toys and keepsakes for Australian and New Zealand retailers. Pat Knox and Dennis Floyd were Knox and Floyd Imports founders, and their journey started in 1967. They sourced high quality, safe and unique products worldwide. Also, They extended the traditional toy range by including collectable tin robots, spinning tops, jack in the boxes and retro board games.

Knox and Floyd Imports continuously strive to grow its range of products with safe and quality toys and gifts that encourage children to explore their imagination and learn and grow through play. We try our best to source the latest and exciting toys and gifts worldwide and design and develop many of our own products under the brand name of MUSHAB.

Knox and Floyd is the exclusive distributor in Australia and New Zealand for Paola Reina, Llorens, Heico, Egmont, Toyse, Svoora, iconic Obitsu Kewpie dolls, Philos, Marxu, Lanco, Effi, Orgas, Primomo, Tin Treasures, Belonil, Kallisto and Wenno. Our products are sold to independent and department stores and museums throughout Australia and New Zealand.



Regarding the selling of TIN TOYS:

Tin toys are NOT childrens playthings and represent a bygone era when children had far fewer toys to play with and were supervised in their homes . Because of sharp edges, small parts, loose keys and clockwork mechanisms, most tin toys are not suitable for children and cannot be sold for childrens use. The exceptions to this notion are BOLZ tops and the toys which are labelled with the ‘CE’ toy safety standard.

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